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2016-10-25 21:29:37 by Teqneek

55 SONS.

It's coming soon.

Here is a song to raise awareness. Please tell us how you plan to make preparations for 55 Sons.




You want boastful, ignorant Hip-Hop? Okay here ya go.

2016-09-12 04:34:59 by Teqneek

NEW SHIT FO YO ASSES (And I wasn't happy with the original so I trashed that shit, re-recorded the entire track and now it is beautiful I think). Feedback keeps me going so give me yo feedbackssss sons!





2016-09-03 14:33:57 by Teqneek

Here is the remastered version of my latest song Edge of Existence. Shit is dope and I hated that the vocal quality wasn't on par with the Lyrics/beat, so I redid it and it's 1000% better now. So let me know if you like it! Or if you hate it- in which case your opinion is wrong and Imma find yo ass and relentlessly kick it.



3 Songs in 3 Weeks- I think I'm back!!!

2016-09-01 13:13:28 by Teqneek

EDIT: I took the track down to remix it because I was starting to get frustrated at all the people telling me to use compression on my vox whe I DID USE COMPRESSION SONS!... then I found out I actually didn't. Like, the tracks looked like they were but the compressor was not "activateD" or whatever. Now it is. And Holy shit it sounds so much better. I'll upload it shortly so look out FO DAT- teq

This track is basically about how fucking difficult obtaining happiness can be. I want to know what you guys think about it because the lyricism in this one is something I'm very happy with. Thanks, and you have no idea how happy I am to be making music again. Shit's about to get real. MAD REAL.




Tell me what you think. This song is a departure from my norm, to say the least.

FINALLY, I am back. What's up you turd farmers...




...and that's an awfully big step.


And I finished writing a song, but I don't know if it'll be released to the wild (due to reasons that I'm sure will ultimately drive me into releasing it).


But the mic being hooked up and running is such a big thing because I plan on leaving it hooked up- staring at me and telling me to get my ass back to work.

I still write lyrics on a daily basis, but I simply cannot bring myself do record anything. Yeah life's busy these days, but it's no excuse. I've had plenty of time to lay tracks down, but something prevents me, like there's a deflector shield around my mic. Goddamn that sounded nerdy.

Anyway it's frustrating as hell and I want it to stop. And I want to start writing songs again instead of these random, fragmented bars I've been doing.


Anyway, there's your update woooooooooooooo

IT's called Ten Feet. It's about mah feenises. Feedback tho?




Ayo yoyoyoyo yoyoyo yo.

2014-10-13 20:42:25 by Teqneek

I was looking through my body of work and noticed a bunch of stuff I either didn't release or never finished, but I'd still like to share with whoever wants to listen. So starting tonight I'll be uploading them, maybe one new track a day. Or week. Probably one per week.

These include a couple unreleased tracks by Problem Child (the NG supergroup featuring Byron, Rampant, Axtekk, and myself), some skits, and other things. Also my plate is again filling with projects to complete, so expect more new shit soon neffews.

#1- Da Loneliest Cypher: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/590003


#2- Prototonus The Dark Overlord: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/590888


& my first actual song in a while, http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/585772