2012-08-04 12:16:19 by Teqneek

Here is the new track I made with my boy DISL Automatic for his upcoming album. This should tide you over for a few days until my next solo track is released:

DISL Automatic feat. Teqneek & SA Universal- Man Up

Also- In honor of the sad, slow, painful death of the Clabtrap discussion thread, I decided to start a thread strictly for Hip Hop Emcees, Producers, and Fans, because there is no such thing on Newgrounds right now. If you want to join us, click dat link son!

Also Also- The members of Problem Child (Axtekk, Byron, Rampant and I) took a group photo for our upcoming project:



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2012-08-04 18:31:28

You left? :(

(Updated ) Teqneek responds:

Well, I haven't made anything in 2 months, and the last real song I made was like 4 months ago, so yeah, I'm back- musically and shit. I'm planning on finishing up our track tomorrow and doing a solo song this weekend as well.


2012-08-07 09:40:02

YO WHERE's THE NEW MUSIC 2 DAWG folk is waitin on that shit like the bus to get home

Teqneek responds:

This week! I'm working on 3 songs right now, 2 are for albums and won't be released here, but the other one is a solo track and Imma throw it on Newgrounds sometime this week. I'm gonna be releasing all kinds of new shit in the near future as well.


2012-08-08 03:08:41

I just edited the shit out of this news post. I should have just made a whole new one. Oh well.


2012-08-08 12:06:28

Yall are fags.

Teqneek responds:

BIG TIME. Our group is going to be called "Man Juice".


2012-08-09 20:11:08

In that case, yall are pretty cool.