#1 Hip Hop Artist in the world!!!!!!!1!!11

2012-08-27 19:07:36 by Teqneek

First of all, I'd like to direct a personal statement to my legion of followers- "I am truly humbled to have inspired an entire generation of rap fans. Without you it would've taken a tiny bit longer to become famous." - Teqneek, 2012.

Now that I got that out of the way-

It's true, I finally did it. After weeks of hard work and constant hating from people who just don't get my genius, I have been named by Newsweek Magazine as the #1 Best Rapper in the World.

I have been your leader on Newgrounds for over 5 years now, and if you don't like my music then you're just a hater but it's all good, it just keeps me going harder on my bangerz. So keep on hating on because it doesn't matter- the real hip hop fans know that it takes swag and hustlin' to be a good rapper, and that's been my shit ever since I started rapping when I was 2 years old. And I was better than you even back then.

Anyway I'm the best rapper alive, suck my dick.


*This is a picture of me and my future ride, which I will buy with my best rapper in the world money.

#1 Hip Hop Artist in the world!!!!!!!1!!11


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2012-08-27 19:29:36

Teq's a beast. Can you fuck my bitch?

(Updated ) Teqneek responds:

I mean, yeah I guess I'll do that for you.


2012-08-27 20:13:15

I would do naughty things to you in that car. Please sign my tits.

Teqneek responds:

Step in line, you're like my thousand millionth groupie. I get laid on the reg by supermodels and famous bitches.


2012-08-27 20:36:33

DocterCerebro's bitch weights 300 pounds and has only one leg

Teqneek responds:

I like fat chicks with real skinny butts.


2012-08-27 20:44:11

Teq's the best rapper in the world? Isn't that... old news?

Teqneek responds:

The oldest news ever.


2012-08-27 20:48:21

Oh no, Teq, a ghost is coming after you from the top right! Get out of the way!!!

(Updated ) Teqneek responds:

That's the ghosts of Tupac and Biggie returning from the spirit realm to call a truce in my honor.


2012-08-28 07:06:14

HA ha Docter, Teq already fucked my ho. Matter fact she's that bitch on the left in that Newsweek picture

Teqneek responds:

True Fact.


2012-08-28 08:58:57

My bitch is the one on the left... yours is the one on the right SJD.. get it right.

Teqneek responds:

This is also true.


2012-08-30 14:16:50

This gotta be a joke.. lol

(Updated ) Teqneek responds:

Yes, this is 100% a joke. I am mocking a few dumb fucks on Newgrounds who claim on their profiles that they are something they aren't.

They feel the need to assure us (and themselves) that they are the greatest, instead of letting their music speak for itself. This is fucking insanely wack to me, so I decided to parody their stupidity in hopes that they will see just how ridiculous their claims are.


2012-08-31 01:01:05

Thank you basedgod. My bitch is worthy now.
them hoes in your news letter look better than the hoes i be pullin'

(Updated ) Teqneek responds:

Yeah I know man. And the crazy thing is that those are just my back up bitches. I loaned my main bitches out for the weekend so I had to use these ones.