2012-09-17 17:35:12 by Teqneek

How's it going? My old post was- old, so I need to make a new one.

Here's an update on what I'm doing:

1. Almost done with a song for Problem Child, were calling it "Ghostwriter". This track is kind of crazy since Byron and I are writing each others verses, and each person has to blindly spit the others lines word for word, not changing anything. I really hope this comes out well.

2. A new collab with Fat Beats should be ready for your faces sometime this week.

3. I can't accept any more collab offers at the moment, since I'm busy as shit with the PC album and my own solo album. I've been doing so many collabs for so long; I really need to get back on the solo thing.

Okay now, bye bye then.


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2012-09-23 03:49:07

If I don't get 3 comments in the next 5 hours then I'm giving out candy corn on Halloween. Fuck that, candy pumpkins son. That's like three times as bad.