New Music!

2013-03-07 13:32:43 by Teqneek

Soon. I meant to say new music coming soon. Be sure to check my page regularly for all this new newness.

Like, a shitload of songs for real...


-Hell in a Cell

-Republic of Rhyme 2 (With Rampant and Bummer City Town)

-World Domination (6-way battle. Republic of Rhyme vs. Axi$ of EvILL)

-Hunger Problems (HDC mixtape track)

-Jawbreaker (HDC mixtape track)

-Story Time

-Nerd Festival 2013

-Clouded Eyes (feat. Taise)

-Swag Village (Teq as Flojay Simpson)

-Problem Child Track 1

- Ghostwriter (Problem Child)

Aww yeah...

NogginmenAnimations made this pic btw

New Music!


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2013-03-25 16:14:36

Cant wait... Love watching you do your thing babe!!!