2013-05-02 18:12:06 by Teqneek

My newest battle is a blind 32 bar deathmatch against MDJ (Formerly Emergency). This battle has pretty much been a year in the making. The link is below, but first you must read a wall of text explaining how this battle came about.

MDJohnson and I have disagreed on pretty much anything we talk about ever since we met during Clabtrap 2012. Aside from the public beefiness you may have witnessed during Clab'12 and in HDC, we've been in a pm discussion that can best be described as a year-long chat/disagreement/argument.

It all came to a head about a week ago in the HDC page, and it basically created a rift in the Drum Circle. I won't get into too many details, but I'll fill you in on the basics.

Recently there was an upheaval in HDC. It happened after Glitch explained his plans for putting together a new HDC Summer Mixtape. MDJ didn't agree with an idea of his, he vocalized his opinion, and then (of course) I stepped in and shit hit the fan. We got in a gigantic, gangster-ass online quarrel. HDC became active as fuck out of nowhere, with people voicing their own opinions on the matter, fueling the argument between Mark and I.

In the midst of our upheaval, some new info came to light, "exposing" a band of HDC admins/rappers in a group discussion thread entitled "HDC Elite". The fact that there was an "Elite" group within HDC (allegedly a joke name, but still a poor choice for a title I guess. Not that I was in it or even knew/care that it existed, mind you) caused the already huge shitstorm to evolve into a category 5 Shitticane.

Glitch backed down from organizing the mixtape, and some members left HDC as well- including MDJ, Axtekk and Bpleez.

A battle was instigated by others between MDJ and myself, but I declined because I felt I'd never get a verse from him. Plus I was/am super busy at the time.

Then MDJ called me "yellow", and NOBODY CALLS ME YELLOW. He challenged me, I accepted, and here's our gift to you.

The result of the Great HDC Shitquake of 2013.


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2013-05-02 18:15:40

Also, at the end of this battle, I said I was gonna upload an accompanying diss track. Well I'm not. Mark took for fucking ever with his verse and I lost motivation to make it during that time. Oh well.


2013-05-02 18:50:32

Shittiquake. Oh Teq, you fucking wordsmith :')

(Updated ) Teqneek responds:

Oh man I called it a "Shitticane" originally, then "Shittiquake" at the end. I meant "Shitticane" though, lol.

I mixed Shitticane with my reddit user name "Hurriquake", because my mind is a scrambled mess, and Shittiquake was born. But for real, I could have went with "Category 5 Shitticane" or "10 on the Richter Scale Shitquake"


2013-05-02 21:53:42

Lol nice "Back To The Future" reference, that's my trilogy! Good job to both of you. Now let's get dat Vinstigator/Teqneek hit going!

Teqneek responds:

Yeah man we're definitely gonna get on it in the coming weeks; I gotta take care of 2 tracks first and then we'll get on it!

Haha, glad someone got the BTTF reference...