Clab'13 Round 2 -Jakobe vs Teq- and a New Album!

2013-07-21 13:26:20 by Teqneek

New album coming in October! Plus- JAKOBE VS TEQNEEK just released and is open for judging! So go vote for whoever you think won! NOW!

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I'm currently putting an album together called KILL TEQNEEK, and I'm really excited about it! It's going to be a big evolution, and it'll show many different sides of myself. For real- dark, crazy, gangster, funny, boastful, introspective... all that stuff. Find me on all those sites linked on the left, I'll be leaking a few album tracks leading up to the October album release!

The album name was inspired by the Kill Teqneek wristbands Carefoot is selling to pay the $500 wager on our round 1 battle. They're $2 a piece, so hit Carefoot's crazy ass up in a pm if you want one or a hundred. Help Carefoot pay me dat skrilla he owe.

He also made this early promo art for the album. And I also think he really wants to kill me.

Clab'13 Round 2 -Jakobe vs Teq- and a New Album!


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2013-07-21 15:39:23

All the best Teq! Shame people still so simple minded. Anyhow that shots fired 44man diss track was hilarious!

(Updated ) Teqneek responds:

Thanks man! I'm working hard at this and good feedback is all I can hope for. You guys motivate me to always try for bigger and better, and imma keep doin' this as long as I feel like I'm entertaining people.

Another reason imma stay at it, is because rapping is the only way to silence the terrifying nightly chants coming from my bedroom walls!

*pre-edit response: And yeah, I can't stand ignorance (even though I may preach it to an extent in my songs, but that's more of an "idgaf"-type of ignorance), but maybe this little spat with Sevillius Blaque opened his eyes a bit. Maybe.