Clabtrap Final Battle- DONE!

2013-12-11 02:02:44 by Teqneek

I recorded the final verse of the 2013 Clabtrap Emcee Battle Competition this evening. Big Red will be releasing it to the public on New Year's Day, so be on the lookout! After being screwed over in round 1 last year, I made it my mission to win the 2013 tournament.


I worked super hard towards this goal, and I'm determined to take the crown home! Wish me luck and be sure to leave an unbiased vote when this little gangsta releases on Jan 1st!

Peace, suckas!


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2013-12-11 07:13:24

A rap battle of cataclysmic proportions, by the sounds of it, haha!
I've only heard your battle against Prometheus and the one you did with MadFlex a while back. They were deep, I think the NG hip-hop scene needs to be bigger!

Anyway, the best of luck to you: if you've worked hard, there's a good chance you'll blaze this one. Keep it up!

Teqneek responds:

Thanks man! It's all done and ready, and it's a dope battle too. Also- I want a rematch with Mad Flex!


2013-12-18 21:48:56

Bringing up the hype eh? alright was gonna listen to it anyways, but now i will do it with a charge of anxious anticipation and bias. Yeah... bad idea i want to be neutral.