I'm Making an Ultra Thuggish Rap Song... Performed in Gibberish

2014-02-08 15:53:02 by Teqneek

So yeah, I'm about to record some angry, violent thug shit. Except I'll be freestyling the whole verse in complete nonsensical gibberish in a made up language, which will be given a name before this releases. Look out for that shit to drop in the next few days.




NEW TEQ MIXTAPE: About 75% finished. Should drop in Late March

NEW HDC MIXTAPE: 100% Complete. I'll be compiling and releasing it the First Week of March.

KILL TEQNEEK: About 50% Complete. The release of this will be my proudest moment. I'm putting everything I got into it, and the beats made for the album are some of the best I've ever heard. Anywhere. Thanks so much to Rampant, Axtekk, Shak, Dream Eater, Sonic, and everyone esle who has a hand in the creation of my album! Look for it sometime in the next 12 years, haha...


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