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2014-03-02 17:57:32 by Teqneek

Yo! Keep checking my YouTube channel every few days, I'll be uploading the Teq 20 soon! Okay, so rap times are tough these days, here's why. My old lappy is dying a slow death, and it got to the point where I cant run my DAW (Samplitude) anymore. So I went out and purchased a replacement. Well, one week later, and I may need a replacement REPLACEMENT. Then I gotta get my Samplitude program back, THEN I can start recording again.

This has been an ordeal. Right smack in the middle of a huge album AND the Clabtrap Finals (I won dat btw), and the gears suddenly grind to a halt. And it's only been an uphill battle since then.

So I bought a new computer last week, and this one is straight outta the box going crazy on me for no known reason. I updated everything, installed avast, and set up windows (along with everything else) correctly, yet my browser crashes just about every 5 minutes, I can't watch youtube, Netflix is giving me error messages, and I can't play music.

I am not too tech savvy, but still- there's absolutely no reason why that should be happening to a brand new, supposedly high-end  laptop. So I'm taking this thing back to Best Buy while I still can. I'll hand it over to geek squad and ask them to fix the problem free of charge. Or I'll take my skrilla elsewhere. I am so ready to get this new shit out to y'all, this wait is becoming more and more excruciating! Peace Sons!


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