Overhauling my ENTIRE STYLE

2014-03-25 15:28:45 by Teqneek

I feel the need to update you guys on something extremely important to me right now. The Teqneek you all know... Is no more. This spiritual journey of enlightenment I've been on has led me to an epiphany. Some of you may like it, some of you may not...

I've made the decision to completely change my style and attitude. I'm now channeling my energy into rhymes that are meaningful, honest, and most of all- educational!

I want my listeners to gain knowledge through my words. I want to deliver something substantial and useful; something they can take with them and apply to school, career, or just everyday life in general. I want something I can look back on 50 years from now and feel proud of... so I am pleased to present you the first 2 bars written by "The New Teqneek".

Without further ado...

( featuring English, Arithmetic, Biology, Geometry, and Astronomy- all in just 2 lines!)

\\\ Take the circumference of the Sun then multiply it by six ///

\\\ And the number that you endin' up with is the size of my dick ///

 Album leaks coming soon... PEACE!


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2014-03-29 14:44:52

you are the bestest

Teqneek responds:

awww shucks


2014-03-30 17:29:39

lmao im ded


2014-04-13 03:28:52

Re-did my style to check it out :P


2014-05-01 01:12:25

You redid your style just because Eye-Cue never made it through highschool?