Something will definitely happen at some point

2014-08-11 19:17:03 by Teqneek

Well, I've been away but I'm still busy as shit writing and working to improve at what I do. I just sent a draft of my "comeback" song to CJ Snow this morning... my first recording in 6 months! I hope to finish that this week, and also The Return of The Republic of Rhyme (with Rampant) very soon.

Then this Random Acts of Flyness Mixtape mixtape gon' drop on y'all asses.

Then I'll start recording Kill Teqneek, and promise multiple album release dates for it- all of which will be hopelessly unrealistic!

Then I'll take another break, during which time I'll drop my first "Best Of" compilation- A Brief History of Rhyme vol.1

Okay, back to work!


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2014-08-13 00:22:33

"Something will definitely happen at some point"

That's how I feel lately, haha...