Meh, I'm adding one more song to this mixtape before unleashing it...

2014-09-06 22:07:25 by Teqneek

Random Acts of Flyness was always supposed to feature the sequel to mine and Rampant's "smash hit" The Republic of Rhyme, but of course we procrastinated mutually to the point where it almost didn't happen.

Well it IS happening. Oh it's happening soon.

Fats (aka Nogginmen Animations on NG) is allegedly making some mixtape cover art as well...

Sooooo, while the cover is being made, Rampant and I (along with a surprise appearance from the newest member) will be creating The Return of the Republic of Rhyme, and then this muthasucka gonna drop all up on yo faces, sons.

My newest song is linked below... anyway I hope everyone's having splendid lives and stuff, peace until next time!


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2014-09-14 21:53:01

Can you put the n1k battle on the Audio Portal? Shit's dope as hell.

(Updated ) Teqneek responds:

I'll repost it when my next song is done and ready to upload. I don't want my "newest" track to be an old battle na'mean?

*edit 10/6/14
Here's a dl link for that battle homie