I don't know what's wrong with me

2015-05-06 22:48:51 by Teqneek

I still write lyrics on a daily basis, but I simply cannot bring myself do record anything. Yeah life's busy these days, but it's no excuse. I've had plenty of time to lay tracks down, but something prevents me, like there's a deflector shield around my mic. Goddamn that sounded nerdy.

Anyway it's frustrating as hell and I want it to stop. And I want to start writing songs again instead of these random, fragmented bars I've been doing.


Anyway, there's your update woooooooooooooo


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2015-05-06 23:17:31

Try forcing yourself to record something every 3 days or every week, take on small bites until you can take on something bigger


2015-05-07 01:00:49

are you doing like hip-hop kind of stuff or rock kind of stuff? hip-hop lyrics I cannot help with that lol, that's a totally different monster I do not know how to conquer, but rock/pop music... maybe like listen to some of your favorite bands? A lot of the lyrics I write is essentially me trying to rip off some of my favorite bands, but in the process of trying to rip them off, I accidentally make lyrics of my own and it totally makes me feel secure about my writin process

idk just food for thought ^^


2015-05-07 01:47:36

I hate that feeling. When you want to do something, yet you kind of don't want to. Try to remember why you do what you do, and why you enjoy it. Don't force yourself to record, it might not come out so great, try to relax and then do it because you enjoy it.


2015-05-07 08:29:49

1.Record every word there is from the dictionary into single sound files.
2.Drag&Drop them into songs.

This way you dont have long and annoying recording sessions.
Trust me, a lot of musicians do that.



2015-05-07 10:56:58

Just tell yourself to do the smallest recording task possible, even if it's nothing that will make it to your final product and just messing around. That'll get the ball rolling and you'll likely be inclined to progress further.

As for writing full songs as opposed to random bars, try focusing on a particular topic before letting your creative juices flow. This will make those random bars of yours fit into a more cohesive mold, and then you can take those bits, reshape them, and fit them together like pieces to a puzzle.


2015-05-07 22:45:25

Life gets in the way. College saps a lot of the energy that I normally devote to writing but I can't even begin to imagine how I would find inspiration if I were taking care of a kid.


2015-06-20 13:49:38

I know exactly what you're going through, I love you, and actuaSHUT UP QUIT CRYIN AND RECORD U RETARD


2015-07-02 21:34:18

Hi Teq, I just wanna share some words with you.

I feel that maybe your attention and passion is being split into 2, obviously your focus is getting it's ass kicked by what you dedicate your energy towards. Maybe you should do some reevaluation, is it really music you want or a solid family, maybe some other incentive of personal gain? Maybe for now itd be best to take a break from recording but try exploring poetry?

Its much better to invest time into one activity rather than two simultaneously. I dont suggest you stress over these decisions, acknowledge shortcomings dont dwell.

Take your time and relax whenever you have the chance to. I know we dont know eachother very well, just another hiphophead but that doesnt mean im a heartless asswipe. I never had a child of my own so I cannot relate to how you feel but lately my passion for creating has burnt out, various reasons. Everything you do is a result of your decisions.

~There is no growth in comfort and no comfort in growth~

Good luck Teq, and whatever decision you make, just remember that your daughter will be there. You got this.

- Qwaint

Teqneek responds:

Thank you Qwaint. I'm a dad now first and foremost, but that hasn't stopped me from writing lyrics and I still have my recording gear. Things will happen one of these days. Lol maybe when my daughter graduates I'll have some time. Call me Old Teezy and shit...

Thank you so much for the kind words and advice, and I hope all is going well with you bruthaman.