I have the microphone hooked up...

2016-08-06 23:13:03 by Teqneek

...and that's an awfully big step.


And I finished writing a song, but I don't know if it'll be released to the wild (due to reasons that I'm sure will ultimately drive me into releasing it).


But the mic being hooked up and running is such a big thing because I plan on leaving it hooked up- staring at me and telling me to get my ass back to work.


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2016-08-09 19:55:52

so are u gonna start rapping again?

glad to see you back.

Teqneek responds:

I finished recording my first REAL solo track in like 2 years last night. And I love the song, but it is super-personal and I'm afraid if I release it then my manliness would risk being tarnished lol. But I have more on the way so...

Tl;dr... YES