2016-09-03 14:33:57 by Teqneek

Here is the remastered version of my latest song Edge of Existence. Shit is dope and I hated that the vocal quality wasn't on par with the Lyrics/beat, so I redid it and it's 1000% better now. So let me know if you like it! Or if you hate it- in which case your opinion is wrong and Imma find yo ass and relentlessly kick it.




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2016-09-04 21:51:08

dude you can just edit and replace the old version, no need to make another track.

(Updated ) Teqneek responds:

That's what I ended up doing. Although there were a few words I wanted to replace in the lyrics and I came close to just doing it all over. It sounds good now. Or better. I think.

Edit: oh yeah I see what you're saying now. Well too late for that I'd say. Not really worried about it though; the first version was still under 100 listens so I figured I'd ninja the new one in and nobody would notice. And no new listeners would read other comments about my vox not being right and then be subconsciously listening for any imperfection. Or something. My brain thinks


2016-09-04 22:24:33

oh, yeah, i didn't read the whole thing, sorry.