Bob Ross

2017-01-03 01:40:10 by Teqneek

HDC is kicking off the new year right- WITH A BOB ROSS RHYMEFEST!


Random Acts of Flyness by Teqneek

Also- Random Acts of Flyness is finally here! Go get it now on bandcamp y'all, fo' the churin...



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2017-01-03 02:45:37

Bob Ross is on Netflix now and I've never been so relaxed in my life

(Updated ) Teqneek responds:

That's a good thing to be feeling; glad we could be of service

*assuming that your comment was referring to the combination of Bob Ross on Netflix, and Bob Ross Rhymes in yo eardrums as = never being so relaxed in your life. In which case- kick ass! and in either case, - kick ass!