3 Rappers Go Heavy Metal

2017-01-16 12:23:57 by Teqneek

What happens when 3 veteran Newgrounds rap dudes make a Power/Folk Metal song? Well yo asses is about to find out hopefully. Take a second to click this link and let yourself be whisked away into the wonderful world of unthinkable despair, brought to you by the Dark Overlord Himself- Prototonus!

If you miraculously survive your journey, then please go and check out my brand-spankin' new album Random Acts of Flyness!

It's a 20 song delve into my crazy head and I hope you find it within yourself to give it a listen to and download it. It's listed for $2 but if that's too rich for your blood (or if you don't have a cc or for whatever reason), hit me up via pm and I will send you a code for a free download.

ALSO- I just realized after making this super clean and professional-looking news post that I can't post to front page til tomorrow, so you gonna see this posted again I betcha.

Tomorrow. Just you watch...



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