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I JUST WON $73,000,000

2018-02-09 18:29:40 by Teqneek

...is hopefully a catchy-enough header to lure you here and subsequently click on this mysterious link.

-If this fails, my next clickbaiting tactic will be boobs and/or butts
-If that fails, I will have to resort to trying to make good songs

P.S. free hotness fo yo asses

I JUST WON $63,000,000

2017-10-26 01:23:04 by Teqneek

Hey y'all...

I didn't really win $63 million dollars.

It's all part of my elaborate plan to lure people here so they can pick up my new album Brain Storm.

It's free and it's sweet. Mad sweet. Son.

You don't even have to be a rap fan to (possibly) enjoy the wordsmithery going on here in Brain Storm. Hell, it's got a 5-minute track dedicated to Ferris Wheels. It's called Ferris Wheel btw. Also, there's a beautiful love song too. It's dedicated to someone I love. PLUS MORE!!!!! Come on man just dl mah shit pleasepleaseplease.

p.s. The future is now y'all. Look at this link thing I pasted down there. Sweet .


Brain Storm by Teqneek


Important Announcement

2017-10-20 02:03:27 by Teqneek

Alright y'all, Brain Storm just dropped and I think you should immediately download it or perish in flame.

Brain Storm by Teqneek


Or check this new song out instead and let me know if you dig it.


2017-10-08 17:50:43 by Teqneek


I would love you to check out my new amazing love song directed by M. Night Shyamalan plz and tx

You Not Ready

2017-09-10 23:26:46 by Teqneek


Name your 15 favorite Miley Cyrus songs in order

2017-06-18 02:05:23 by Teqneek

...or just click on this amazing-ass song link right here

Beat by S-Rock. Hit him up because he is super freakin' frrresh.

- LEE -

2017-05-28 05:11:56 by Teqneek

I'm definitelee redoing this. Can't beleeve I uploaded this crap. Do not open until June 1st...




HoLee Shit Guys I think I just broke music

I'm Not A Rapper

2017-04-23 18:56:03 by Teqneek

Bruh. I'm not taking a break. Big things are on the horizon. I just need 2 things from 2 people to get this shit going and I am waiting patiently for those 2 things because they are instrumental in releasing Kill Teqneek in the manner I had envisioned. If I don't get those 2 things, then Kill Teq is dropping at the end of May, followed by Brain Storm, followed by A Brief History of Rhyme Vol. 1



2017-02-03 13:10:05 by Teqneek

...so does SkyFromD-Squad. We both rob the SHIT out of people.

PROOF BELOW. Click the link unless you tryna be robbed.