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Pretty close to finishing my second mixtape- Imma call it 'Random Acts of Flyness'

...or maybe I should call it Random Axel Flyin', or Random Axe of Violence. Anyway this crazy-ass mixtape is near completion, so I'm just putting the word out.

The mixtape will release June 10th, so be on the lookout.

It'll consist of the solo and collab tracks I've done while fumbling around with Kill Teqneek, in addition to battles, alias jams, skits, and a few abandoned projects as well, such as the minute long 1980's Hair Metal anthem I did with RampantMusik.

So yeah, Random Acts of Flyness is real, it has tons of unreleased material, and it's coming soon bruh bruh bruh bruh!

Overhauling my ENTIRE STYLE

2014-03-25 15:28:45 by Teqneek

I feel the need to update you guys on something extremely important to me right now. The Teqneek you all know... Is no more. This spiritual journey of enlightenment I've been on has led me to an epiphany. Some of you may like it, some of you may not...

I've made the decision to completely change my style and attitude. I'm now channeling my energy into rhymes that are meaningful, honest, and most of all- educational!

I want my listeners to gain knowledge through my words. I want to deliver something substantial and useful; something they can take with them and apply to school, career, or just everyday life in general. I want something I can look back on 50 years from now and feel proud of... so I am pleased to present you the first 2 bars written by "The New Teqneek".

Without further ado...

( featuring English, Arithmetic, Biology, Geometry, and Astronomy- all in just 2 lines!)

\\\ Take the circumference of the Sun then multiply it by six ///

\\\ And the number that you endin' up with is the size of my dick ///

 Album leaks coming soon... PEACE!

Jeopardy! Theme Music

2014-03-02 17:57:32 by Teqneek

Yo! Keep checking my YouTube channel every few days, I'll be uploading the Teq 20 soon! Okay, so rap times are tough these days, here's why. My old lappy is dying a slow death, and it got to the point where I cant run my DAW (Samplitude) anymore. So I went out and purchased a replacement. Well, one week later, and I may need a replacement REPLACEMENT. Then I gotta get my Samplitude program back, THEN I can start recording again.

This has been an ordeal. Right smack in the middle of a huge album AND the Clabtrap Finals (I won dat btw), and the gears suddenly grind to a halt. And it's only been an uphill battle since then.

So I bought a new computer last week, and this one is straight outta the box going crazy on me for no known reason. I updated everything, installed avast, and set up windows (along with everything else) correctly, yet my browser crashes just about every 5 minutes, I can't watch youtube, Netflix is giving me error messages, and I can't play music.

I am not too tech savvy, but still- there's absolutely no reason why that should be happening to a brand new, supposedly high-end  laptop. So I'm taking this thing back to Best Buy while I still can. I'll hand it over to geek squad and ask them to fix the problem free of charge. Or I'll take my skrilla elsewhere. I am so ready to get this new shit out to y'all, this wait is becoming more and more excruciating! Peace Sons!

So yeah, I'm about to record some angry, violent thug shit. Except I'll be freestyling the whole verse in complete nonsensical gibberish in a made up language, which will be given a name before this releases. Look out for that shit to drop in the next few days.




NEW TEQ MIXTAPE: About 75% finished. Should drop in Late March

NEW HDC MIXTAPE: 100% Complete. I'll be compiling and releasing it the First Week of March.

KILL TEQNEEK: About 50% Complete. The release of this will be my proudest moment. I'm putting everything I got into it, and the beats made for the album are some of the best I've ever heard. Anywhere. Thanks so much to Rampant, Axtekk, Shak, Dream Eater, Sonic, and everyone esle who has a hand in the creation of my album! Look for it sometime in the next 12 years, haha...

I Won The Clabtrap Emcee Battle Tournament Sons!

2014-01-30 23:45:03 by Teqneek

I avenged my early exit from last year, made it past some strong opponents, and came home with the 40 million dollars.

Thanks to everyone involved in the comp, and to all my supporters. The feedback and positivity from you guys is awesome, and the main thing that keeps me going at it!







2014-01-29 04:22:59 by Teqneek

<iframe width='705' height='750' src='http://www.reverbnation.com/store_iframe/index/artist_2492492'/>


Gon' head and leave an unbiased vote for a winner!

And I just wanted to say that I know this year's comp had some setbacks, but I'm still proud to have made it to the championship. I battled every round, and had to get past the likes of Jakobe, Prometheus, Butsaay/Vamo (as Black Moses), and the notorious Teq villain Carefoot. So I earned my way here and I'm damn proud to represent in the finals.

May the best man win! And may the judges not write shitty 7 word critiques!

Clabtrap Final Battle- DONE!

2013-12-11 02:02:44 by Teqneek

I recorded the final verse of the 2013 Clabtrap Emcee Battle Competition this evening. Big Red will be releasing it to the public on New Year's Day, so be on the lookout! After being screwed over in round 1 last year, I made it my mission to win the 2013 tournament.


I worked super hard towards this goal, and I'm determined to take the crown home! Wish me luck and be sure to leave an unbiased vote when this little gangsta releases on Jan 1st!

Peace, suckas!

I'm In The Clabtrap Final Battle!

2013-11-20 00:00:58 by Teqneek

One more battle and this shit is mine.


Eye-Cue vs Yours Truly... Droppin' on yo face sometime in November!

Here's some custom promo art I created for the tourney.
Did it for free, too.

I'm In The Clabtrap Final Battle!

Hey everyone, go check out and leave an unbiased vote for my Clabtrap Semifinal Battle against Prometheus!

Also, I uploaded a cypher a few days ago with some of my HDC homies, and we made the front page! We appreciate feedback, so check it out!

Thanks to everyone here who listens to my music- you guys help me maintain my sanity and I seriously don't know where I'd be without you all.


Clabtrap Final Four Battle Out, AND made NG Front Page