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Scorch, your hype track was one of my favorites, because it was funny and lighthearted. It had me reciting your lyrics out loud, around people, who then thought I was crazy.

You showed in this battle that you could hold your own in the ring as well, and you've gained some more respect for that.

VERSE ONE- Draw. Every single line Scorch said was a direct punch. B Serious had good comebacks, but as far as attacks are concerned, Scorch wins in that department. Although, B Serious had a better flow, voice, and mic presence. He sounded more like he was battling.I think Scorch's Lyrics and punches equalize B's defense and mic presence. Verse one is a draw.

VERSE TWO- This was also close. Not nearly as many attacks in this verse from both parties, however Scorch's "Discarded Def Jam Rap Star Box" line was funny as shit, and B's Robot voice references were good as well. This verse still lacked any hard punches from either party, therefore my verdict on this verse will be based on who had the best mic skills- B Serious.

B Serious- you get my vote, but barely. Great job both of you, this was an entertaining battle.

Byron's lyrics were better, He had a better voice, much stronger mic presence, more energy etc etc.

Cashlin was monotone and had no feeling in his punches. He had good rhymes and stayed on beat for the most part, but he didn't bring enough to the table in this one. Cashlin just needs to keep improving (which I'm sure he will). Good battle guys. Byron wins.

Senator John Dean wins the election. I agree with his policies and adaptability to various situations. I am Teqneek, and I approve this message.

My review came out sounding way more lame than I thought it would. Whatever, The Senator to advance.

Chainsaw came with the punches and clearly won in my opinion. Good job Mao, but Chainsaw got you in this one. Good battle guys.

XST@TYK defended himself well, but his mic presence was lacking and he needs to buy a pop filter right now.

Suddle's verse and delivery were superior, but his attacks weren't as snappy as I was hoping for. Either way, good battle- but Suddle wins by a landslide when it's all said and done.

I was telling some people I thought you'd surprise some people. I love being proven right, which is like- always.

Poniiboi responds:

Fuck yea! ICA collab!

Hahaha hell yeah son! Fish frying and everything included on this one.

With great swagger comes great responsibility.

AxTekk responds:


Xst@tyk- I kind of think the exact opposite of what you think on the Flow and Punches, but that doesn't necessarily make my vote different from yours. I just gotta give it to Ax in the punches department, because some of the things he said were good enough to make me laugh out loud.

Best 1st Verse: FatBeats

Best Second Verse: AxTekk

I'm not a judge, so I'm not gonna give a final judgment on a close one; I believe this is a damn close battle. Well done to you both.

Close battle

Best 1st Verse- P64

Best 2nd Verse- Wyze

My vote doesn't count so I'll hold my judgment. Good battle gentlemen.

Good battle guys. This one was too close to call in my opinion. Glad I'm not a judge...

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