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It's getting mad real around here dawg. Dope Swag son.

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AKACCMIOF responds:

Swaaaaaaggggggg G

Y'all stole my concept son.

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Good track overall, I'm diggin it. Good luck in the comp.

Good track man, I respect the fact that you actually put thought into your lyrics. Too many of these hype tracks are filled with generic, meaningless bullshit. Just because words rhyme together doesn't mean it's dope. Good job though.

soundbreaker responds:

Hey, thanks man, I tried to sound like I wasn't just blowing meaningless smoke up my own arse. ;-)

EmpireMusic has no business critiquing anyone up here. Fucking scumbag recycling his old lyrics and passing them off as a freestyle because he's too damn unoriginal to make a fresh track. Hey Empire- suck my dick you big fat pussy bitch!

AxTekk responds:

Comps gonna be pretty freakin sick the way the hypes all looking. Good luck next week bro :)

Dope flow, and a solid track. I look forward to seeing and competing with you homie.

And yeah John Dean- you're thinking of the wrong Office Space song. The Geto Boys track is "Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangster", this here is an Ice Cube track. It's an excusable mistake though.

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PsioNicc responds:

Thanks man. For sure this will be a good competition. Also Office Space is a classic innit? haha

Hahaha this wins- competition over! BTW, I do a good Beavis if you ever want to make some fucked up song together.

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Poniiboi responds:

Totally for it. I'm checkin your page out right now. Ru a beatmaker too? If ur not I am. I'll pull us together some clean ass shit to do Beavis and Butthead over.

Good job Rampant, and I like the hook.

Rampant responds:

Hahah thanks, Teq! I just found this beat really resonated with me. The hook was the first thing I came up, when I listened to the beat yesterday morning, and it just kinda seemed like a good chill-out chorus.

- Rampant

Hey Rampant, this is very good man- I'm really diggin' the haunting feel to it. Just wanted to stop by and give you some props.

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Rampant responds:

Thanks, man; really appreciate it :)

- James

Good flow homie, good luck in the competition.

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SonicTragedy responds:

Muchas gracias. Can someone tell me who these fucks are that are fuckin zero-bombing my shit tho? Whatever ppl'z opinion, I know I don't deserve a 2 out of 5 overall. Fcukin hater 13 year old masturbating hairy knuckle motherfucks.

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