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Awesome song guys! It kind of reminds me of the track I did with Fat Beats, 'Legacy', except completely different lol. Pretty work fellas!

Hell yeah, this is dope dude! I wondered which one of you guys had this Newgrounds account; I figured you were Ronzo but I wasn't sure. Anyway, keep it up homie!

funnyman46 responds:

Yup, this is Ronzo in the flesh.

Thanks for the love!

I like this man! Not sure why a few people gave low scores. Anyway, good job homie!

AceJackLind responds:

well either it's like the youtube trolls that thinks, hmm not that good.. and low rates just for the fun of it, either that or the lack of rap on the track :P
but i'm glad you like it though, and thanks for your rating and comment and thanks for being a fan ;)

Good work fellas! This is pretty deep, and the lyrics are awesome. I like those transitions too. I'm 5'ing the shit out of this.

RezzyTip responds:

Thanks man! phr0's a lyrical genius, so I was just trying to par-up with him lol.

Buujack your bitch ass review doesn't count for shit. All you've done is troll me for like 3 months. Get the fuck out of my face you cocksucking whore.

Nice beat dude! A bit repetitive, but still a chill beat. Good job man.

LibbyShimmz responds:

Thanks! :)

SJD gonna make glowsticks popular again

BeefourMusic responds:

Free glow stick with each download should get things kick started nicely...

Dope ass track fellas! Laid back, with nice ass flows. Good job guys.

funnyman46 responds:

Haha glad you like it Teq.

Oh lawd, this was funny as shit! Mao was entertaining and creative, and Fat Beats brought it to the table as well. I honestly thought FB was gonna run away with this, but after listening, it was actually hard to call the winner. Fat Beats has a better flow and mic presence on this, but I think the zaniness of Mao's lines stuck with me more. Fuck. Imma vote Mao for creativity.

Those interludes you guys did were fucking hilarious btw.

I am frightened by this music

AxTekk responds:

It's more scared of you Teq, it's more scared of you. Or is that bears? I think that might be bears.

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