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5 muthafuckin stars SONS. Great battle.

I think the voting is closed, but if not then I'll go ahead and cast one for Star69. Sorry OG, you my boy and your rapping is vastly improving, but I always go with who I think won, and I think Star69 got this.

But yo great work to both of you; I can't wait to hear your next battles.

HDC responds:

OG 2 Star 4

Damn Butsaay, you covered everything I was gonna say in your review.

Okay, basically, this was Star69's first battle, and I think he did a damn fine job- ESPECIALLY not knowing what the general rules of thumb for Newgrounds battling are. He joined HDC and NG yesterday, and completed his first battle within hours of joining. Dude has impressive delivery, lyrics and voice, and I think he has a bright future up here. Once he gets to know the people in HDC and Newgrounds, he'll be bringing the personals I'm sure.

Masochist is improving by the day. He came with more personals and had some good punches, plus his flow is on point. However, like Butsaay said, he's gotta work on that voice. It is still monotonous and not very exciting. Once he gets the emotion in there he will be a force to be reckoned with. Also, those last bars should have been redone. Masochist was running out of breath and it really hurt him there.

I like both of you guys, and I consider Masochist a friend nowadays, but I gotta give this to Star69. He has better delivery and seems to have found his rap voice. The lack of personals took some points off for me, but he still brought enough to the table to win this in my opinion. This battle was close as fuck. Good job to both of you.

HDC responds:

Star69 -1 Masochist -2

Dope cypher! Gimme all y'all autographs son

NogginmenAnimations responds:


Both of you guys did great, and this battle was awesome. I don't think either of you deserve to be "Wackest", because you aren't at all. OG had good lines and his rap voice is improving with more emotion and general mic presence than before. The DJ on NPR was funny as shit also.

While I enjoyed OGs verses, I'm voting for Rezzy because his flow was superior and his lines were a little more hard-hitting in my opinion. Those military lines and flips were very effective and Rezzy's delivery is on point.

Awesome job guys!

HDC responds:

Rezzy-5 OG-2

HAHAHA yo nice track Xstatyk! Wow that kid came out of left field huh?

On the real for real tho, this Megalithic Enigma dude had me rollin; he just gained a fan for life in me.

exstatification responds:

Left field, more like outfield, yo... Part of me is wondering if he's like Rampant, some kind of comedy rap... And then I remember that even comedy rap doesn't look like someone shat a dictionary on a beat

OH GOD. So damn gangster. You guys balled mad hard on this.

BummerCityTown responds:

hahaha thnx teq. You're the man!

Lyrically this was entertaining and pretty close, so good job to both of you on that.

My vote is decided because of one thing- Mic Presence.

Bummer never went off beat, while Spawn did it consistently, and I'm sorry but the audible breathing fucking kills it for me. Dude you would be so much better if you stopped (or even edited out) the breathing. You're a good rapper Spawn, and I respect you as an emcee, but that's gotta be fixed as much as my vocal mixing does. It's all good though, we're all here to get better, and we all will. My vote goes to Bummer for dope lines and on point delivery.

Great battle fellas.

HDC responds:

BCT -4 WS-2

Good battle guys. I am calling this a tie, with a few bits of constructive criticism for both of you.

Xstatyk- Your flow is good, but you need to bring more confidence in your verses. Seriously man, you'd sound soooo much better if you weren't so monotone.

Mao- You have awesomely hilarious lyrics, but your flow is in need of work. I don't know man, it just sounds like you could paste your vocals on any other beat and nobody would notice. You gotta use instrumentals to your advantage.

Nonetheless, I liked the battle in general. My gripe is that it has much more potential, and I'm anxious to see both of you improve in the near future.

HDC responds:

Mao -1 Xstat-1

Wow. First of all, fucking props to both of you for taking my intentionally bad Milk Dud beat, and somehow making this battle fresh as hell.

Secondly, There is no clear winner here. Both of you guys have killer flows, and made this super entertaining. We all win today.

HDC responds:

Byron - 2 Fat Beats -0 MilkDud -2

Wow Rama, you are a very good rapper; keep up the great work brother!

Crueltool responds:

Thanks man!! Will keep it best))

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