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Cool beat. Kinda repetitive, but works for certain things, of which I will hopefully be demonstrating to yo asses soon.

SynthGoddess responds:

It's not "kinda" repetitive, it is repetitive lmao. And unsure what the last part means but thanks for the comment.

Chill beat with a nice lil switchup in the 2nd half. Diggin it man. Hope all is well!

DreamEater responds:

Thanks very much for listening and checking it brother, still chugging along trying to get back to posting music regularly <3

I like this... good visual storytelling and the background vox sound nice too. Aaand it's good to see the creative juices are back and flowing! Even though I CAN'T STAND JUICE.

ADR3-N responds:

Thanks bro! Hit me up on fb if you want a review or a collab any time

Nice work fellas. Yay depression!

NeoAlchemist247 responds:

Thanks, Teq lol.

It sucks but it's a part of life, and a crazy catalyst for some beautifully tragic artwork.


I love this beat. It gives me the visual of some ominous happenings afoot

S-Rock responds:

Thanks bro ham. I wasn't sure what this one was going to be visually, going in :S

But why can't I download yo sheeeeit?

PinkScissorsMedia responds:

Just hit me up for that shit, boi!

You're so damn good

PinkScissorsMedia responds:

No, you are.

You've BEEN dope af for years now S-Rock; just so you know...

Imma put a hook and a few bars on this tonight and HDC is taking it from there. Hope we can do this beat some justice homie

S-Rock responds:

Thanks dude. I don't think I could ever truly quit making music. It's too connected to my soul: I have to share and/or/try to inspire conclusion.

First of all- nice drop. It's relaxing and becomes gangsterish near the end... it was a nicely executed, subtle yet effective and smooth transition. Anywayyyy... SECONDLY...

I was (still am) checking for beats to go on FOR A FREAKING SONG DIRECTLY INSPIRED BY THAT OPPENHEIMER SPEECH YOU OPEN THIS TRACK WITH! How coincidental is that?

Seriously, on a scale of 1 - 67,000,004 how coincidental is that? Anyway haha that shit might drop in the next few days, but I liked listening to this while writing this review. Cool zone-out vibeness

LibbyShimmz responds:

That is highly coincidental. ^_^

I don't like giving critical reviews ever really, because I personally just feel like a dick head telling someone they gotta do this and do that when:

a.) I am fairly noobish at mastering my own shit,


b.) I have this weird personality quirk/defect/flaw where I feel like I HAVE to make sure I'm in the good graces of everyone in the world always... lol so I avoid giving negative reviews for that reason too. I hate when someone doesn't like me lol...

But you asked me to let you know what I thought of this one, so I will leave an honest review... *and also I don't take you for a person too sensitive to a little criticism; I'm sure you can handle and probably actually encourage it sometimes. And so do I honestly. I think maybe my problem is when people bring up issues I'm aware of, or are out of my control, or intentionally done by me. But yo- the song...

I listened to it and I'm overall not really diggin' it. But it's not BAD by any means.

What I'm saying I guess- is that it feels like 2 different (good) songs to me. Fused together.

I love the theme, beat and lyrical content btw, but the starkly contrasting vocal styles clash a little too much in my opinion. And now I feel like an ass, lol. But yeah I think this is potentially the prototype for 2 good songs dealing with a similar theme.

4.5 stars but possibly TEN stars in the future??? Alright, hope all is well homeslice!

ADR3-N responds:

I get what you mean. Actually, seriously appreciate the critique, especially on the vocals. Helps me keep in mind what works and what doesn't!

Been a busy day today RL. Just now popping in to check on NG

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