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Word up man, good job dude. I'll be writing and recording sometime tonight I think.

AxTekk responds:

Thanks breh, let's be gettin this ting a-goin.

That was really cool Gas, I like the actual instruments used in it as well.

Would have been cool if you could somehow cram 01010011010101110100000101000111 and whatever the fuck Tuvan throat singing is in there, lol. Sweet track brutha.

Gasmasq responds:

Why thank you my darling Teq. Be prepared tho, Tuvan throat singing is the only one that might give me trouble only because I've gotta get the permission to use it. :P

I was telling some people I thought you'd surprise some people. I love being proven right, which is like- always.

Poniiboi responds:

Fuck yea! ICA collab!

Hahaha hell yeah son! Fish frying and everything included on this one.

With great swagger comes great responsibility.

AxTekk responds:


This is super fresh, and chill as a muthasucka! So is Team-Dix just Rama, or is it a collective of producers? BTW thanks for the words on my track homie, and I'd like to start on a mixtape track using a beat of yours with your permission. Full producer credits on the (free) album, of course.

Crueltool responds:

Team-Dix is ONE MAN team. So i'm producer of myself))).

This is dope homie. Like a chill, just kickin' it yet street at the same time-type track. Smooth man big ups.

TheFantasyClub responds:

Woah! That's perfect! And thanks!

There's a lot going on with this beat, but I'm diggin it. Solid track man.

DJDureagon responds:

Im glad you dig it. The business of the track is my style.

It's getting mad real around here dawg. Dope Swag son.

AKACCMIOF responds:

Swaaaaaaggggggg G

Good track man, I respect the fact that you actually put thought into your lyrics. Too many of these hype tracks are filled with generic, meaningless bullshit. Just because words rhyme together doesn't mean it's dope. Good job though.

soundbreaker responds:

Hey, thanks man, I tried to sound like I wasn't just blowing meaningless smoke up my own arse. ;-)

EmpireMusic has no business critiquing anyone up here. Fucking scumbag recycling his old lyrics and passing them off as a freestyle because he's too damn unoriginal to make a fresh track. Hey Empire- suck my dick you big fat pussy bitch!

AxTekk responds:

Comps gonna be pretty freakin sick the way the hypes all looking. Good luck next week bro :)

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