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Holy shit this was super close. I honestly thought Scuare would just wipe the floor in this one, but then Emergency came with a flow that I've never heard from him before and made it a great battle. All I ever heard from Emergency was his battle with Rav, and to be honest I wasn't that impressed. But yo you made me a believer with this one.

So as far as I'm concerned, this is a draw. I really believe that. This was the closest battle I think I've witnessed yet, and props go to both of you.

I think the fact that stupid people are the majority in this world is pretty depressing. I really hate to say that because I try to stay positive, but goddamn, just look around.

By the way I like this song, but the outro leaves much to be desired, lol.

Poniiboi responds:

I just chkd out So Basic...that song ROXX. Everybody needs to peep this.

This is a really good freestyle, so good job on that. But dude- what's with saying "huuuuh" like a thousand times? That shit had me rollin'!

Aside from all the "huuuuh"s, this was a dope ass freestyle and better than I can do, so props.

Well shit Senator, you know I agree with you about the retarded ass voting, since I think my battle with Pig was so damn obviously one-sided in my favor that it's ridiculous. But I still lost. I don't know how to fix it, but until there's a foolproof voting system, people are going to pick sides and friend vote.

My vote unfortunately counts now, so here goes. Lyrically, this battle was probably a tie. You both had good personals, and good comebacks.

I like Jakobe's style, and I think he's got potential. I'm not saying I'm the shit or anything, since I'm still learning as well, but it seems like Jakobe is in a transition phase with his rapping, where he's still finding his voice and mic presence. Jakobe's lyrics are on point though, so good job with that.

While Jakobe was good, the energy that Senator brings is hard to match, and it basically makes what he says hold more weight. Jakobe's first verse was nice, but he failed to match it with his second verse.

Also, my one gripe about this battle was all the Facebook talk. Lol, going back and forth about each other's facebook page is pretty lame in my opinion.

My vote goes to the Senator, but it was actually a narrow victory. Senator Dean won it for me with his energy and rap voice, since I believe lyrically both rappers came with it, and cancelled each other out in that category.

This was a great battle fellas, and good luck to the winner.

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Goddamn, this shit is fucking gangster dude. Good job man.

Poniiboi responds:


Yo Flip, no disrespect, but if you have to explain in detail every line of your track just so people can understand your disses, then you weren't very effective.

Also, even if they were all "personals", you could have still said most of that stuff in a battle with anybody. If they were personals, they were the vaguest personals I've ever heard.

This was still a good battle though, but my vote goes to Byron. His disses were not vague, and the listener could tell exactly what he was referring to for the most part. Plus, I noticed how you picked that slow beat in hopes to mess him up stylistically, but him going off on it like he did was almost like a flip in itself.

Like I said, this was a good battle, and props go to both of you. But Flip- when you have to explain your bars in sooooo much detail like that then you aren't doing it right.

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That was really cool Gas, I like the actual instruments used in it as well.

Would have been cool if you could somehow cram 01010011010101110100000101000111 and whatever the fuck Tuvan throat singing is in there, lol. Sweet track brutha.

Gasmasq responds:

Why thank you my darling Teq. Be prepared tho, Tuvan throat singing is the only one that might give me trouble only because I've gotta get the permission to use it. :P

Hey I like drugs.

Good practice track man. I like what you did with the second verse.

Poniiboi responds:

Thanks dude. When's the nxt Teqneek track droppin?

Alto is a beast. Kill Bill vs. Alto will be a VERY interesting battle.

Emrox surprised me with his verses, but the difference in overall sound and quality was a dealbreaker. That aside, RJA still got him in lyrical content and delivery.

But definitely good job Emrox; hope to hear you rappin' up here again in the future.

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