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Dude, this is a dope track, but why not spit it over one of your own beats?

Aside from the fact that this will get pulled off the portal as soon as the first brown-nosing snitch hears it- You've made better instrumentals than this one! I swear to god bro, I'd have enjoyed this a lot more if you made it a completely original song.

Still, this is a tight track, so you get a 5 and a download from me. But really man, your beats are too good for you to NOT use them.

Sunraw responds:


Very tight battle fellas. Can't wait to face one of you guys (or Eye-Cue, OR all you punks at once) in the final... I'm hungry as fuck.

Hahaha, OOOOPS! I meant to comment from this account, not my insane alias account, lol. So yeah, that comment below is from me. Keep it up brutha; can't wait to hear more from you!

Lol at Mark... This shit's dope homie, straight to the ipod!

JakobePaulobe responds:

Thanks Teq!


Best of luck with your band homie; looking forward to your new beats as well!

S-Rock responds:

Thanks! thank you very much. I'm glad you dig it.

Well, this was a good battle. Actually, all the battles this year have been pretty dope for real...

Prome came with better delivery imo, but some of his punches missed the mark and he had quite a bit of filler.

Axtekk had the better battle lyrics and was consistently landing haymakers.

Tough to call this one, plus my vote doesn't count since I'm still up in this shit. But in terms of "battle rap", I'd probably lean toward Axtekk here.

Prome surprised me with his rap skillz though. The only thing I'd previously heard of his was the mockery he made of the 8 man knockout tourney. Glad to see you're taking this seriously though dawg; looking forward to hearing more from you!

Good luck to the winner!

Dude, holy crap man. You are one of the best hip hop producers I know, for real. And now you're one of the best robot-music makers I know too.

This just shows me that you're mad versatile brutha. You have a bright future in this here game; can't wait to get on some of your beats for my album!

PinkScissorsMedia responds:

Thanks so much for the nice words, Teq! Can't wait to hear your next works!

Hahaha, Suddle trying to make his voice high pitched cuz errybody called him out on sounding like the Motel 8 spokesperson. JK suddsy, but seriously- disappearing without an explanation is not cool. This could have been a great battle.

ALSO suddle, if you ever read this- I'm dying to battle you. All that shit talk from last year, it's time to put yo money where yo mouth is. Whenever you're ready bud; hit me up so I can whoop dat ass.

Aw shit Sun; you have mad talent man! You'll be contributing on like 3 of my album tracks btw; I can't fucking wait!

Also, BloodPre$ha needs to do a track with me. I'll have to make a new, SUPER GANGSTA alias though. Imma call him "DA SPE$HALI$$". Or some shit.

Dope beat yo.

Sunraw responds:

Thanks homie, I can't wait to hear the shit you're comin' out with, hook me up when it's done (I'm sure you'll rape the HDC page with posts and bumps so I'll know :P).

I'm sure Pre$ha would be down. He's hard to get ahold of though so I'll make a few calls. lol @ da speshaliss. lmaooo

Once again my predictions (well, not so much a prediction, in this case, but still) hold true!!!

"Kidnapped Masochist for a $20 ransom, his parents didn't care to attempt getting back their damn son, DAMN SON..."

So yeah, all it would take is a measly twenty bucks to have your battle, Rampant. Either way, you win- AGAIN!

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