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I dig it dude. The production is fuckin' awesome man, I wish I could get whoever did that on one of my tracks!

Anyway, great job man; you're improving with every song. This one is going on the ipod!

NeoAlchemist247 responds:

Well, both Vanguard182 and myself have some credits invested in the production quality, for certain. He did the beat and every vocal sample that pertains to the Apollo missions (i.e. Ten, Nine, Ignition sequence start/ One small step for man) And I added in the stuff from War of The Worlds, using some tricks I learned back in Ride With It as far as stutter-starting certain phrases. I broke up a lot of parts, to try and make them more rhythmic, and then from there it was just focusing as hard as I could on making sure the volumes/effects on all the parts evened out. I used an 8-Bit thingy that D-Rusta gave me months ago to sort of solidify that old-timey radio feel in the samples.

Its awesome to hear that I'm constantly getting better; because my main fear has always been getting worse.

Hope you like the stuff I manage to release in the future!


You are the fuckin' MAN, and this beat is so dope!!!

God I can't wait to record over your stuff once I get my setup shkrait.

S-Rock responds:

lol that's what's up homie. Glad you like it :) hurry up too fool!

You're so damn good dude, Like, everything you do. Glad to have you as a fellow collaborator, bruthaman.

glidr responds:

lol thanks dude, u2 doe

Sounds pretty cool to me also! I can definitely tell you're using a better mic; sounds damn good for a day jam! Hell yeah dude, dope verse as well!

I like Fats' bars too, it seems like he put a bit more emotion into it; possibly experimenting with his voice a bit more. Either way, great work all around, and a slick beat choice. Great work gentlemen,

NeoAlchemist247 responds:

Lol thanks, bruh. I'm just tryin different stuff, seein where it goes, yknow. I was really impressed with Fats' verse. Sorta like when you fire a .12 gauge shotgun for the first time. You're just like "Awh, man. This isn't gonna be all that impressive. Just a loud noise, some minor damage, and then its over." Then BAM. Floored. lol.


I really like this, man. It's kind of different, a breath of fresh air brutha! Keep it up and let us know when you get that mic!

NeoAlchemist247 responds:

For sure, man. I'm really tight on monies right now, though, so it'll probably be a lil while. Till then, I'll just have to keep trying my best with what I've got, y'know?


Why isn't the title "Tekkneekal Mastery"? You silly man you.

Anyway you're still a fuckin beast Ax; I'd say you, Rampant, Shak and S-Rock are 4 of the best producers I've ever heard. Thanks for having me on the track. And thanks for letting me hijack the last 3 minutes of this shit haha.


AxTekk responds:

Hahahaha oh shit, you're fucking right too. THIS IS THE PROBLEM WITH IMPULSIVE UPLOADING. And dw at all, I kinda think it fits perfectly with the whole lyrical anarchy thing.

And shiiiit, all the HDC dudes are sick producers I swear - Sky and Warspawn too especially. I think we all have sick beats and shit beats, think I could beast erryone if I get in my zone properly, but hey that's just hiphop's competitive spirit. Definitely got love for all the sick producers here.

EDIT - Isn't Rama technically HDC as well?! Sheiiiit we have talent.

You're a true poet brutha; always glad to see a new Klazik track- and this one is awesome. Keep up the good work you verbal gangsta!

KlazikNadi responds:

word word man!

Congrats on the album release Mike!

This bonus track is silky smooth too. The beat and lyrics mesh together perfectly; almost as if they were made by the same person...

Blasphem-E responds:

I know, such an eerie coincidence! Thanks Teq

All-around sick track Sunny. I love the beat and you're displaying fuckin' DOPE wordplay man! You've improved a shitload recently so keep up the good work.

Sunraw responds:

Gracias Teq.

You need to be famous right now. Mufuckin Kanye West-ern Europe

AxTekk responds:

Hahahaha, thanks breh :P I actually really love Kanye's production style, so that's a huge compliment bro

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