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AxTekk responds:


This track is funky! Nice work Wolfie; good luck in the comp yo.

Wolfie responds:

Thanks, Teq. I went through a tons of beats and different verses until I finally just settled with this. Glad you liked it. :)

First off- REALLY FUCKING SMOOTH track homie!

The only thing though, is I don't see anything here (aside from a few quick words in the intro) that qualifies this as a hype track. Kinda sounds like you posted an older song instead of creating something relevant to the contest, but it's whatever. I just hope a bunch of emcees don't start getting lazy with their hype submissions. Still, you're a very good rapper, with dope lyrics and rhyme schemes, so respect to you homie!

I scouted you btw, so you should be official up here now. Stick around dude!

jukelames87 responds:

No worries, thanks a lot for your thoughts and criticisms. I assure you it's not old though. But I agree, there is very little content that qualifies as braggadocio style rap, I was actually aiming to do the opposite. However, I'll try to fix that in the future. Peace out and thanks again for the props.

This instrumental is very smooth, chill, relaxed- and fresh as hell! I like the scratching too. Nice work man!

But- who is DJ Delinquent, and why did he leave NG? I've only been here like a year and some change, so I may be too late to have witnessed whatever went down...

LibbyShimmz responds:

Thanks for the review Teq! I like that you like it. :) Thanks for the support too. :)

DJ-Delinquent was one of NGHH's most beloved producers. He had been performing 'Musically Armed Robbery' for ~5 years before he was banned back in December of '11. Ironically, while trying to defend him, I let it slip that I sampled in a few of my productions and they banned my old account (cjsnow1). BFP (Back From Purgatory [Audio Mod]) let me create a new Account when the site was redesigned the next year. That's about it. :D

This is probably the most gangsta-est shit I ever heard. Got damn dudes...

Blasphem-E responds:

We're super gangster. So it makes sense

Sick instrumental Sunra! I'm downloading this one, as I may have some ideas for it. Great work!

Sunraw responds:

Mucho gracias Teq! Go ham niqqa

This is really good man, I'm diggin the dark vibe for real; keep 'em coming!

LibbyShimmz responds:


Dude, I love this hype track. It's got a laid-back feel, which is a nice change of pace compared to the other hypes. But at the same time, it's serious and explains the mission you're on.

Perfect hype in my book, dl'ed and 5'd. Good luck in the comp homie!

Vinstigator responds:

Thanks Teq! That's exactly what I was going for. See you on the battlefield!

Congrats on the front page feature homie! You damn well deserve it too, because this track is nice!

Eye-Cue responds:

Teq what do you mean the front page feature?

I'll have you know I own 3 guns; 1 pistol and 2 rifles, because I'm a gaw'durn American.

And I shoot them shits every 2 weeks (and also as needed, when I'm out blassin' fools, obviously).

Dope hype brutha, glad to see you back, and good luck in the comp.

exstatification responds:

Sheeeit whatchu know about blastin' fools? You ain't no loco kid

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