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Oh HELL YES, dope hype! Sonic Wombat's competing; that's awesome! One of my favorite NG musicians, for real dawg.

If we face each other, it would be an honor for me to verbally shame you into oblivion!

SonicWombat responds:

I would be honored to be sent into kingdom come at the hands of a warrior poet such as yourself.

HAHAHAHA BEST HYPE EVER! Sweet LORDY I hope I don't face you in this comp!

Rampant responds:

Be warned -- if you face me in this contest, you statistically have only a 3-in-4 chance of winning.

Awww shit here we go! This was dope, and reminded me to get off my ass to make my hype! Great work Breaker!

soundbreaker responds:

Thank you sir!

Wow, fucking dope fellas! 5'd and dl'ed the hell out of this one!

eqftc responds:

appreciated! good lookin out

Despite the huuuuuge volume difference in his verses, DC had a better flow and his bars were more entertaining, more legible, and more relevant imo.

Plus Mickey intentionally fucked himself by spitting way too many bars in verse 2. That comes across as arrogant and disrespectful. I like Mickey a lot, but I think Doc was right in his verse- dude has been rapping forever and hasn't really improved much.

Doc, on the other hand, needs to learn to mix vox better or send them off to someone for mixing. And yeah I know my vocal quality isn't the best, but I'm just saying- the lack of vocal quality in both verses was very apparent, and the volume difference almost made me shit myself.

The most important thing though, is that Doc has been steadily improving as a rapper, and that deserves props.

Doc wins because his flow and lyrics were better imo, plus Mickey screwed himself in verse 2, as if he conceded the battle or something. Still a very entertaining battle, as is the norm from both of you. Peace bitches!

HDC responds:

DC -1 Mao -0

Fuckin' awesome cypher guys. Sunra killed it on his verse and on the beat, so awesome job homie. Fats- that double time was the dopeness. Everybody slayed the track for real; great work fo shizz fellas. Downloaded and 5'd.

Sunraw responds:

Goooooood lookin' Teqqqqq

Dope song Klazik!

KlazikNadi responds:

thanks man! this is an old track, but really opened my eyes to how to write a more structured track

Very nice work to all, I love this cypher! To tha muthasuckin iPod it goes...

Blasphem-E responds:

Dope. Glad you liked it dude

You guys did a great job on this track. I love how we're all getting better together as musicians. Can't wait to see how good we'll be 40 years from now!

HDC responds:

word to your mother

Dope battle, great first effort by 4Sure, but that bouncy flow was a little repetitive to me.

I'm giving this to WarSpawn. He took it in pretty much every category (not by too much though), but 4Sure did great for a first battle, so I give him props.

Once 4Sure gets a bit more experienced, he could become a force to be reckoned with.

BTW- Who is 4Sure? Never seen him in HDC. Welcome anyway dude!

HDC responds:


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