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This song is like, the music going on in a homeless dude's head on a cold Chicago night. And that's a good thing. Dope beat TG; keep em coming!

teddygram responds:

Haha, I like it. Thanks Teq

Hey I like this instrumental dude; good to see you around here Vash.
George Vashington.

Vashelite responds:

Yoooo, long time :)

6 foot tall and made of fucking radiation

Okay this is dope. I'm dl'ing this and seeing what I can do with it. Nice work brutha.

teddygram responds:

Thanks mane. Looking forward to it. Put a lot of work into this one

I feel like the King of Yugoslavia right now. And it's good to be King...

AxTekk responds:

loooooooooolllll "king of yugoslavia demands more party. bring finest vodka for the drinking of his majesty"

This IS a fresh new track! I haven't really been here in two years, so it's cool to hear y'all for real.

Klazik- I could feel the emotion in your voice, and I can tell you've been staying active this whole time just by the improvement in your mic presence. Good job dude.

Sky- You da man. I was always a fan and I'm glad to see you're still with us making dem classics. With Klazik.

Madwigged- I do not know yo ass. But you are a good rapper and your voice pretty much fit perfectly on this track.

5/5 will download. Peace bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

KlazikNadi responds:

Thanks for the review! I havent been to active posting but have kept dabbling in the writing. Upgrading my equipment also adds. Props to madwigged and sky for jumping on this, always a pleasure!

I really like your beat, and I wish I could do something with this. But it's jusssst out of my current "versatility range" I guess you could say. I aint that suave dude yet.

I dl'ed it anyway because it's chill af. And plus it's a good beat to practice getting out of my comfort zone with. Like, rap-wise. Yeah.

teddygram responds:

I'm glad you liked it anyway man. Thanks for the review!

This is dope yo. Lol holy shit all those long ass comments below...
It's like 5 something in the morning but this is dope and I'm going back to sleep.

LibbyShimmz responds:

Yeah, I was hoping you would have left a review with more substance to be perfectly honest! ^-^

I really want to try something with this. I feel like if I could pull off a successful rap fest to this, it will probably improve my game. Lots of change-ups... which will probably result in a lot of mood changes, vocal ranges, and getting the transitions to run smoothly. And this beat is sickeningly fresh. If you guys don't mind I'd love to take on the challenge of seeing what this track can become.

Aight stay black tho doe 5 stars all day yung Bruh Bruh

AxTekk responds:

shiiiit how am I supposed to adequately culturally misappropriate ebonics when you're using "tho" and "doe" consecutively

no matter what I do now, I'm gonna end up sounding white as bird shit in snow :'(

go murkkkk that tune though, be hella interested to hear what you come up with. co-producing this I pictured something Wu-Tang-ish with a couple of dudes skilling out, the changes in tone accompanying changes in style. I'd be hella interested to hear a solo track too though


LibbyShimmz responds:

Do it bruh!

Thanks for the love though.

Pretty work Libby Shimmz; lol I thought the "Atheist Preacher" was Axtekk at first haha.

Really digging the steady yet not overpowering sound, lots of directions you could take this track, lyrically. Great job all-around homes!

LibbyShimmz responds:

Thank you kindly! ^-^

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