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Yo man, I really love your beats. They are dark as fuck though, so if I were to make an album using them, it would be the most depressing yet murderously awesome shit ever. But all the listeners would kill themelves and effectively destroy our fanbase.

Awesome work bruh bruh. I think whoever makes a song out of this may just want to leave the hook as-is for real, it's dope enough to carry its own weight in a rap song. Great job as always homenuts.

Sunraw responds:

Great to hear Teq. Many thanks for the praise, I hope to hear some lyrics over my beats soon haha

Chill, serious, thoughtful and well put together. Everyone's voices complement each other nicely, and that's a huge strong point.

This is tight yo, nice job and keep 'em coming!

Rilo15 responds:

Thanks. Chemistry is one of the most important things in a group. We try to make sure we have it on every song.

Very good man, I'm digging your style and it's nice to hear fresh new voices up in NG. Also, the lyrics are super on point and not the usual generic rappery we are so tired of hearing. Pretty work homie!

Rilo15 responds:

Thanks! This song means alot to me.

Way to go fuckfaces, keep feeding my ego.

Yo 4fterThot, do you have Progeria or something? Why do you sound like an elderly woman trying to spit rhymes?

4fterThot responds:

lol. 0.5 stars, I see you, hater.

That dude is definitely NOT one of my alts. I don't do that alt voting bullshit, I ALWAYS preach fairness in battle.

But yo- I told you that this battle is gonna give your delusional ass a very rude awakening, and to prepare yourself for it. You really are bad, and none of us are "haters". A lot of bad rappers think that those with realistic criticisms are "haters". They use that phrase as a defense mechanism to protect their feelings from getting hurt.

Look dude, It's not hating if you actually suck. You can improve though, but don't deny the fact that your shit is very mediocre at this moment. Don't get cocky until you actually earn your props here.

NOW- If you want to clean the slate with me and start over again, I can be a very informative and helpful ally here on Newgrounds. If not, then fuck it, I tried (3 times).

P.S. What the fuck are you doing posting an unfinished battle? Goddamn dude, you're supposed to send your verse to Ax via mediafire link in a pm. You should try to delete this for real, then post the actual battle once it's finished.

Like I said, we can call a truce and be cool with each other, or I can keep owning you intellectually, lyrically, musically, verbally, whatever. Your choice man. But that "strickolas" guy is definitely not me, as I am not an alt voter.

4fterThot responds:

Lol, whatever. I'll call it a truce, just know you've been warned and I ain't taking none of your shit no more.

I love chill beats like this dude. And this is a fine example of hip hop chill, so great work! It's not really the style of beat I spit over, but it's dope and I'd love to hear what one of these guys can do with it.

LibbyShimmz responds:

Thanks for the review Teq. I wish you wanted to rap over this. Would be cool.

See if Big Red will let you fill in for one of these DQ'ed guys, or set you up against one of the dudes with a round 1 bye.

Also, you need to sound more white dude!!!! (that was a reference to your comment on my hype track btw, lawl)

4fterThot responds:

Ok. No, I isn't gonna try and sound like your corny ass. Lol.

Very nice dude. Seems perfect for an inspirational/introspective track; I'd like to hear a song made out of this. Pretty work brutha!

CHiLEDAWG responds:

Thank you teq!

Excellent work Shak! Like Mao said I love how it picks up about halfway through. I implore you to keep having nightmares if it helps you create stuff like this!

PinkScissorsMedia responds:

xD Thanks, Teq.

Very nice Sunra. Lately I've been wanting to rap over everything I hear from you. SPLENDID!!!!

Sunraw responds:

Thanks a lot Teq. That's good to hear man! Keep up yo

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