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Waking Up (Ft. Fats) Waking Up (Ft. Fats)

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I like this y'all. Life just kicks the shit out of us and then we die.

Hey did you intentionally name this identically to, and then release this on the same day that Libby Shimmz released an album of the same title? OR mere coincidence?

Anyway nice track y'all. I dig the depressing-ish stuff. Now let's all go cut ourselves and listen to emo music!

Acceptance Acceptance

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Haha I didn't realize this was a loop and listened to it like 5 times before noticing what I had done. Pretty work on this one.

I'm not the biggest robot music fan anymore- although back in the day, I did used to DJ Drum and Bass at a beach club every weekend (and then I'd get drunk while doing so and start putting on hip hop instrumentals and rapping over them- which actually was the beginning of me thinking I might be good at this rap thing. So I guess electronic music in a way brought me to what I'm doing now. hmmm weird. anyway...), and with real records because that's what we used back then. I remember many a trip to the record store, blindly buying vinyl of artists I never heard of based solely on how cool the album cover looked lol. And I had a set of turntables that I sold to a guy on a whim one day and that was the end of that... weird how small events can set you on a course that dictates the next decade of your life sometimes...

But anyway, this is cool and I respect the work you put in. You're a true artist EDM 364; can't wait to do some work with you!

ADR3-N responds:

Yo, just popping in to say this is probably one of the most interesting reviews I've gotten in a while, and it made me smile. Drop me a mention any time you want a review on one of your tracks btw :)


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Nice instrumental C-Dawg; I know it's not labelled as hip hop and I'd probably classify it in the same genre you did- but as I listened I kept telling myself I should rap over this. But I think this track holds up on its own; it's good as-is... no need to defile it with my haggard voice lol

CHiLEDAWG responds:

ayeee thanks teq! do what you want with it man id love to hear what you come up with ahahha all bout that creative commons !

[S_Rock] Triumphant [S_Rock] Triumphant

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Well, this beat is awesome. It's calling out to me; it wants to be the intro track to my album lol for real this would be a sick intro with your permission of course (and preferably a .wav of this mamajama).

Hope all's going well in life (but judging by the track description it's going kinda similar to mine so that sucks I'm sorry). You kick ass man

S-Rock responds:

Thanks man, and for sure. it's not all bad but yeah lol.

I Stand In Awe Of Your Light I Stand In Awe Of Your Light

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Cool track! I was listening in my car and feeling like I was playing as Mega Man- but in Castlevania, & then walked out of Castlevania into Hyrule and then was like nope and back into Castlevania. Hopefully that's exactly what you were going for. Dug it fo sho.

ADR3-N responds:

Right on, haha. Glad you liked! And I promise, I'll get to that mail in a second. I literally just rolled out of bed.

Yesterday's Tomorrow Yesterday's Tomorrow

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Yo this beat is dope and I've been planning on rapping to it for 3 years now lol. One day I promise this'll have my shittiness plastered all up on it!

Rampant responds:

I would be honoured to have your rhymes occupy the same sonic space as my average beats.

Darkness, This Night Darkness, This Night

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Ay this beat crazy Imma rap on this doe follow me we going to the top Rennh. I'll change my name to Stimpehh and we'll hit the road

Heather's Apology Heather's Apology

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Damn yo, Heather sounds like she must've REALLY fucked up. Is this a clip from the movie Heathers btw?

Anyway it would be hilarious if this deep-ass apology was for something arbitrary like she dropped a skittle on the floor or something.

Dope beat though; pretty dark and atmospheric. I like it mayne!

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LiberalShimmering responds:

Learn to read you pleb! :p

The dialogue, as I so eloquently described in the track description, is from The Blair Witch Project.

Haha, dropping skittles. Funny.

Thanks for the love homeslice!

Shak VS Caniel Shak VS Caniel

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Gotta give it to Shak, but this was a nice surprise New Year's battle and mad props to both of ya. PEACE BITCHES ANYONE WHO DON'T LEAVE FEEDBACK ON EVERY HDC SONG FROM THIS POINT ON I HOPE Y'ALL HAVE BAD DREAMS FOREVER.

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You are a ridiculously good producer Shak. Just... a ridiculously, ridiculously, ridiculously good producer. Shak.

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PinkScissorsMedia responds:

Your flattery, while not particularly helpful, still means a whole lot to me, Teq, so thanks. I do appreciate it, fam.